Blanche Devereaux


October 19, 1932


Atlanta, Georgia


Curtis Hollingsworth (father; deceased)
Elizabeth-Ann Hollingsworth (mother; deceased)
Virginia Hollingsworth (sister)
Charmaine Hollingsworth (sister)
Clayton Hollingsworth (brother)
Tad Hollingsworth (brother)
Lucas Hollingsworth (uncle)
Dorothy Zbornak (aunt)
Gloria (aunt)
Phil Petrillo (uncle)
George Devereaux (husband; deceased)
Janet Devereaux (daughter)
Becky Devereaux (daughter)
Matthew Devereaux (son)
Biff Devereaux (son)
Skippy Devereaux (son)
Douglas Devereaux (son)
Harry (ex-fiance)
Richard (ex-fiance)
Lucy (niece)

First Appearance:

"The Engagement" (season 1)

Last Appearance:

"The Chicken and the Egg"
(The Golden Palace)




Rue McClanahan

Blanche Devereaux was one of the main characters in the 1987-1992 sitcom "The Golden Girls." She has a fun loving and vile personality.
Blanche devereaux

The fun-loving Blanche Devereaux.

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