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Janet Devereaux


July 27, 1965


Atlanta, Georgia


George Devereaux (father)
Blanche Devereaux (mother)
Becky Devereaux (sister)
Matthew Devereaux (brother)
Biff Devereaux (brother)
Skippy Devereaux (brother)
Douglas Devereaux (brother)
Clayton Hollingsworth (uncle)
Charmaine Hollingsworth (aunt)
Virginia Hollingsworth (aunt)
Tad Hollingsworth (uncle)
Lucy (cousin)
Curtis Hollingsworth (grandfather; deceased)
Elizabeth-Ann Hollingsworth (grandmother; deceased)
Margaret Spencer (stepgrandmother)
David Devereaux (son)
Sarah Devereaux (daughter)

First Appearance:

"Home Again, Rose - Part 1" (season 7)

Last Appearance:

"Home Again, Rose - Part 2" (season 7)





Janet Devereaux is the daughter of George and Blanche Devereaux. She often wears mismatch clothing and has long blonde hair. She is first seen in Home Again, Rose - Part 1, where Blanche tries to bless Janet and her daughter, Sarah, with God's goodness.

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